Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Well, we just returned from a roadtrip down to Arizona to see Isaac and Kelsie and Eric, Lilibeth and Bethany (and to watch spring training baseball games:). We had a great time. It was great weather, in fact too great on Saturday at the ball game. It was HOT! Seth and Mia did great in the car and loved "Arizona". Seth thought Arizona consisted only of Isaac and Kelsie's house. When we went to the ball game he said, "I want to go back to Arizona."

Here are a few pictures:

We stopped at the Golden Nugget Hotel in Vegas on the way down to see the shark aquarium....Seth was LOVING it.

Seth playing a little Guitar Hero with Uncle Nate.

Sushi anyone? Isaac, Nick and Marci tested out their culinary abilities with some sushi making. Not too shabby, eh?

Seth and Mia enjoying their Easter baskets with their new sunglasses.

Seth and Grandpa at the ball game.

Seth and Bethany at the game.