Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Spring Training

So, this post is a little delayed. We went to Arizona earlier this month for Spring Training. This is an annual tradition for us, ever since my bro, Isaac and his wife Kelsie moved down there. We drive, camp out in their house and watch Spring Training Baseball Games. This is Scott's dream trip: baseball, hot dogs for 3 meals a day, and family...what more could you ask for?!? Here are some of our pictures:

COUSINS! We were able to visit the zoo with our cousin Bethany (and her parents Eric and Lilibeth). The kids LOVED it!

This is the Noah's ark playground we found overlooking the splash pad. It was at this point that Seth stood at the top yelling, "EVERYONE GET ON THE ARK!!! THE FLOOD IS COMING!" I finally had to put my foot down when he started singling people out to tell them to get on the ark.

The kids brushing the goats at the petting zoo.

Seth and Mia waiting for the game to start while dad tries to catch some BP baseballs.

Seth proudly displaying his arm painting (since he didn't want his face painted).

Seth and Mia riding the merry-go-round at the ball game with Uncle Isaac.

Enjoying snow cones and hot dogs!

My brother Nick and his cute wife Megan!

If you can't tell, it was nap time at this point.