Friday, August 1, 2008

Mia Mia Bo Bia

This is Mia's new favorite place in the house. She is such a little climber. If I leave the bathroom door open, she climbs up the toilet seat to the back of the toilet, up into the sink...and then just hangs out. She could be there for hours....well, okay minutes...since I usually make her get out. I know I am a pretty boring mom, but I am just nervous that she is going to fall out on her head!

Anyways, Mia has kept our lives pretty entertaining lately. She squeals, screams, whines, and squawks her way through life! I don't remember Seth being quite so vocal. She squeals at glass shattering decibel levels when Seth walks in her direction (it usually means he is going to torment her by taking a toy from her or, heaven forbid, touching her!). Poor guy. As soon as I hear Mia scream, my instantaneous reaction is to yell, "Seth!" Often, he is not even near her!

Mia's latest saying is "I do." This is in response to anything from "Who wants some ice cream?" to "Let's go outside." "I do" is her quick reply. The other day we had to go pick up some cheesecake from my parents house (left over from the night before...when we were waiting at the Cheesecake Factory FOREVER...and the kids refused to wait anymore, so we left without our cheesecake and my parents took it home with them...LONG STORY - sorry!). Anyways, I said "Let's go to grandma and grandpa's to get our cheesecake." Mia practically bolted for the door (as quickly as 21 month old legs can bolt) and yelled "I do, cheesecake." I laughed pretty hard. The funny thing is you could use that phrase as a mantra for all the women in our family!

Here is Mia as we were getting ready for our Bell Family Camping Trip. I decided to try on her old pants to see if they fit. Well, they were a little short, but she refused to take them off. So, they went camping with us! And you gotta love the pink sunglasses. I still can't believe she will wear them!

This is Mia in her new life jacket that she refused to take off...we are seeing a pattern here. Once she sets her mind on something, there is no convincing her otherwise (and it usually has to do with clothes...she is not even a teenager yet!).