Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Long Overdue!!!!

Okay, so I never said I was going to keep up with this blogging thing. I know I am horrible about posting! Well, here is our update:

1) Angie is HOME!!!!

My sister has been serving a mission in Romania for the last 18 months, and she is HOME! It is so good to have her back. I was more trunky than she was.

She was actually gone when Mia was born....so here is her introduction.

Here is the gang at the airport:

2) Seth is now 3!!!! First, he wanted a shark cake, but then decided he would rather have a "long neck" cake. So, here is my best attempt:

Mia even loved Seth's party!

Seth with one of his favorite toys...compliments of Great Grandma Trujillo! Wouldn't ya know it (her gifts get bigger and bigger every Christmas and birthday!)!?! Love ya Grams.

3) We enjoyed a spectacular weekend skiing and relaxing without the kids at Snowbasin with the Shills! It was a much needed getaway. We skiied all day, and then came home and sat in the hot tub with beautiful scenery.

Yes, this is Scott sitting in the snow (after which he jumped right back into the hot tub.