Monday, January 28, 2008


So, Seth has discovered a few little ploys of avoiding bedtime.

Ploy #1: He has started potty training, so, of course, 5 minutes after he goes to bed he has to go "potty" (even though he just tried before going to bed). But, what can I say, I am a sucker and I hate to discourage the potty training, so I usually truck on up there and take him to the potty. And it's a HOAX! As hard as he tries, he doesn't have to go. He tries standing up, but when that doesn't work he tells me, "it's better if I sit down". At this point, I know he is not going, so back to bed he goes.

Ploy #2: "I need to brush my teeth." I tell him that he just brushed his teeth and go back to bed. To which he replies, "but I will get cabities!" That guy! So, back to bed he goes.

Ploy #3: If by some chance I forget to put lotion on his cheeks before bedtime, he will undoubtedly remember 5-10 minutes after he goes to bed. He yells down the stairs, "Put medicine on my cheeks, so they don't turn like raisins!" We are still not quite sure where he got the raisin thing?!? We lotion him up and then back to bed.

These three ploys are usually accompanied by, "I am thirsty." "I forgot my sharks." "I can't find my toucan." (In case you are wondering, yes, he sleeps with a bed FULL of animals.) "I am stuck." (He is usually stuck between the bed and the wall and can't get out.) "Put my covers on." Etc., Etc., Etc.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Merry Christmas to all and to all a goodnight!

Okay, here we are on January 8 and Seth still tells everyone, "Merry Christmas to all and to all a goodnight!" What can I say, we had a memorable Christmas.

I guess it is about time that I start to jump back on the blog bandwagon...wouldn't ya say??? Well, we had a great Christmas with lots of food, family, presents, time off work (for Scott), and fun. It was so fun this year to have Seth understand and actually appreciate the season. Although, he did learn quickly about Santa, we also tried to teach him about the true meaning of Christmas. It was fun one day to catch him carrying up all his stuffed animals to show the the "baby Jesus" in our nativity. It is amazing how quickly he learns. Scott is convinced that he is brilliant. I, also, believe he is brilliant, but tend to think that every parent thinks their child is brilliant.

Here are a couple of cute shots on Christmas morning.

We also had our annual Orvin Family Christmas Party at Sherwood Hills in Logan Canyon this year. We had a great time eating (that is what I call a good time!), visiting, and seeing Santa. We showed up a little early so we had some good swim time. Here are a few pix.

Overall, it was a great holiday season. Scott was home a lot and we were able to spend lots of quality time together. Tyler and Deb, Nick and Megan, and Isaac and Kelsie were all in town during the holidays, so we were able to spend time with all of them. We are so blessed to have wonderful families and friends. Thank you all! We sure love you. You enrich our lives!