Saturday, February 6, 2010

A Birthday Party It Was

Here is the Star Wars Birthday Gang! We had a Star Wars birthday party for Seth today. It was great. The kids came all dressed up and had a great time. The weather even cooperated with us. We started out with a Jedi Training Camp in the backyard. They ran through the obstacle course several times. Then we came inside for Galactic Pizza and Yoda Sodas. We played some more games before presents. The big finale was 'Destroying the Death Star' pinata. I think the kids all had a good time. And we had one happy Jedi (see below!).

Since I haven't posted in FOREVER I decided to add some fun pictures I found today. Here is Mia's "excited" face. She does several faces...but I think this is my favorite. She is such a little ham!

Here is Grady enjoying his solids!

This boy LOVES the bathtub. It is so fun to watch him splashing all over!

This is when you know your kids got a hold of the camera!


Nick and Megan said...

Way to go Britt i'm so proud of you for blogging. Looks like we missed out on an awesome party. I like the Yoda Sodas. Seth's a lucky guy to have such a creative mom. We miss you guys.


The Wright Crew said...

Cute b-day idea. I love the pics all the kids are so big. I have been wondering since we last saw you at Target if you guys ever moved or not?!?!

rachel&michael said...

What a creative mom you are! On my next kids birthday I'm going to call you.
I love finding pictures of my kids nose and mouth on the camera. Keagan does that ALL the time! Kids are great, aren't they?