Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Evolution of Captain Hook

So, Seth has been obsessed with the movie Peter Pan lately. And, who does he choose to emulate, the fun-loving Peter....oh, no, no, no. Rather, the mean-spirited Captain Hook. I don't know if I should be concerned that he always idolizes the villain of every movie. Anyways, it all started with a wire hanger. He would pull his arm up his sleeve and hold onto the hanger as his 'hook'. Well, since then, we have upgraded to an actual plastic hook (a little safer for his poor sister).

So a funny story....the other day Seth was playing with his Captain Hook and Peter Pan toys, and one says to the other, "Say your prayers." So Mia said, "Dear Heavenly Father..." and proceeds to bless our food. It was pretty funny. She takes everything literally.

Here is a collection of our hook pictures.

Mia even pretends to be Captain Hook now (although, she much prefers Tinkerbell).

Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Ultrasound

So, we had our ultrasound yesterday and we are expecting a.......healthy baby! I am so grateful that our baby is healthy. But, we are not finding out the sex until the birth. We (okay, I) figure that we have one boy and one why not be surprised. Scott is going along with it....somewhat happily. The only "news" is that they moved my due date back 8 days! That wasn't the best news, but after seeing a healthy baby, I can't complain.

It was a great spiritual experience, as many of you know. To be able to see the baby move, made it all so real. Honestly, I have been a little overwhelmed thinking about baby #3 lately. But, yesterday I felt so content and grateful. So come June 19 or so, our house may be quite chaotic, but....blessed!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

So, how 'bout a new post!

I know, I know...I have been horrible updating this. My sister, Angie, just left to study at the BYU Jerusalem Center, and informed me before she left that updating my blog was no longer an option. So, here it is!

I thought I would add some Christmas photos. We had a great holiday season, full of family, friends, and lots of good food.

Our little shepherd boy, Seth.

Poor Mia had an eye infection, so her eyes are all swollen during our Christmas party.

Scott and all his single, gorgeous cousins at the Bell Family Christmas Party.

Scott and the kids having a "sleepover." They were so excited that they didn't have to sleep in their own beds.

Here are some of our sledding adventures lately. We have been going to this little hill by my parents house. Seth loves hitting the jump every time he goes down. Mia enjoyed going down and even went down by herself. When we go too fast, she starts to squeal a little. But, then she always wants to go again. The first time we went it was snowing and the kids kept getting snow in their faces on the way down. So, we found some old ski goggles to keep them dry.